<em>Practicing Democracy</em>, cast occupying Vancouver city chambers Photo &copy; &nbsp;David Cooper</p>

Practicing Democracy, cast occupying Vancouver city chambers Photo ©  David Cooper

Performance-Based Research

I have worked extensively as a researcher, writer and curator at the exchange between geography and the arts. I've been very keen to work with the performing arts (theatre especially) as a site for social and physical dialogue. The objectives of this body of work are never one and the same, but many projects of mine have been motivated by a desire to splice performance and social science to create new ways of doing critical geography. My research has drawn on the arts to not only disseminate research but to create engaged publics; to maximise the public impact or affect of social science research; and to produce sites in which we can begin model a more democratic space for political debate.

My research at intersection between geography and the arts is in part about putting social science research into greater public circulation and visibility. But this body of work is not just about bringing research to a wider audience; it’s about disseminating research differently and getting creative about engaging people in different ways of knowing and feeling by bringing them close to the issues.

This work at the intersection of geography, the arts and activism has involved collaboration with researchers and artists from Vancouver, Berlin, London, Manila, Lyon, and Ahmedabad.